KEYMOB: Key Competences for Mobility

Project Leader

Barcelona Chamber of Commerce

Project Partners

NOTUS Applied Social Research

Departament d'Ensenyament - Generalitat de Catalunya


Fundació Privada Catalunya Europa


Strední škola ESOZ Chomutov

Kaufmännische Schule 1

KEYMOB also involves 5 associate partners with different profiles, who contribute to the implementation of different specific project tasks:

Région Languedoc Roussillon-Midi Pyrenées

Compagnons du Devoir

Confederación Sindical de Comisiones Obreras – CCOO

Chambre de Metiers d'Occitanie

Berufliche Bildung BBQ, Baden-Württemberg


The project aims to develop curricula for the acquisition of transversal competences. It is based on a dual learning approach and mobility across countries in order to assure that respective competences are actually acquired. It project is focused primarily on the key players in the international mobility of the apprentices, and at the regional and municipal institutions and the intermediary bodies that necessarily collaborate in the success of such mobility. On second instance, it is directed at the apprentices, in order to improve the quality of their learning of transversal competences in an international context. The main expected result of the project is a consensus between regional authorities, training centers and representatives of companies to develop transverse competencies of trainees in a context of transnational mobility in the 3 regions participating in the project: Catalonia, Occitanie, Baden-Württemberg and in the city of Chomutov. This consensus will consist of an agreement on the instruments needed to develop it.

Meetings, seminars and conferences

30 October 2018: Online Kick-off Meeting
June 2019: 1st Multiplier Event in Stuttgart
March 2020: 2nd Multiplier Event in Chomutov
September 2020: European Multiplier Event in Brussels