Project applications sent in 2016 and 2017

Overview of project applications sent in 2016 and 2017.


The TALENTS project focuses on the inclusion of immigrants and refugees in language training and professional training in order to support their fast access to the world of work – as jobs are the most important basis for integration.

FINALE Project

The Finale project was created to provide a comprehensive analysis of financing adult learning in Europe. In a context of demographic change and increasingly complex needs of society, adult education is a crucial instrument for promoting social cohesion. However, often adult learning is underfunded as compared to other sectors of the education system.

BRIDGE Project

The project focuses on special guidance needs of low-skilled adults, especially of those who are in employment but at risk of being excluded from the job-market because of missing qualifications. Companies employing low-skilled adults are involved. The project partners are analysing the access to and quality of guidance services for low-skilled adults in Baden-Württemberg/Germany, Bretagne/France and Jämtland/Sweden from different perspectives and with different methods and activities. In a second step, they aim at the adaption, testing and transfer of best practice tools and processes in the field of guidance from one region to the others.