Hordaland's Year at a Glance

Hordaland County Council has published its international newsletter 2018, featuring the region's projects and initiatives, including education and social policies.

EARLALL's Response to the Consultation on the Strategic Framework ET2020

The present document highlights EARLALL’s experience and opinion on the implementation and evolution to date of the Education and Training 2020 framework. It responds to the call launched by the European Commission (EC) – DG EAC in April 2018 to collect stakeholders’ reflections on ET2020 in the preparation of its successor in order to make sure that its future design is fit for purpose and takes into account future challenges.

Position to the EC Communication "Strengthening European Identity through Education and Culture"

The communication "Strengthening European Identity through Education and Culture" sets the EC’s vision for how we can create a European Education Area by 2025. This communication was the EC contribution to the Gothenburg Summit on the European Pillar of Social Rights on 17.11.2017, and it was endorsed by the European Council meeting held on 14.12.2017.

EARLALL's Response to the EC Public Consultation on EU Funds in the Area of Values and Mobility

This public consultation aimed to identify strengths and weaknesses of existing programmes and actions, as well as possible ways forward and highlight any possible synergies among them. Such programmes and actions empower citizens, develop their skills and competences and contribute to open, democratic, more equal, inclusive and creative societies.

EARLALL Position Paper on the Erasmus+ Post-2020

EARLALL and its member regions consider that the renewal and improvement of the present Erasmus+ programme after 2020 is of utmost importance and should be considered a priority for the EU institutions.

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