Past Events

Digital Cities Challenge: A strategy for EU cities in the 21st Century

05/06/2019 00:00:00 - 05/06/2019 00:00:00

International Congress on Vocational Training 2019

05/06/2019 00:00:00 - 06/06/2019 00:00:00

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Register here (in Spanish).

Conference on Quality in Education and Training

04/06/2019 00:00:00 - 04/06/2019 00:00:00

Policy Forum: What role for community lifelong learning centres?

29/05/2019 00:00:00 - 29/05/2019 00:00:00

Annual ESF Transnational Platform Meeting

23/05/2019 00:00:00 - 24/05/2019 23:59:59

BRIDGE+ 3rd Partner Meeting

23/05/2019 00:00:00 - 24/05/2019 00:00:00

2nd Policy Learning Forum on Upskilling Pathways

20/05/2019 00:00:00 - 21/05/2019 00:00:00

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Annual Convention for Inclusive Growth 2019

20/05/2019 00:00:00 - 20/05/2019 00:00:00

FIER 3rd Partner Meeting

09/05/2019 00:00:00 - 10/05/2019 23:59:59

BOOST to it! VET's CLIL 2nd Partner Meeting

08/05/2019 00:00:00 - 09/05/2019 00:00:00

USWE Project Workshop

08/05/2019 00:00:00 - 08/05/2019 00:00:00

USWE is an EU-funded project born in the frame of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue for Shipbuilding with the aim of supporting industry and workers in the adaptation to the industry 4.0 technologies.
Under the umbrella of the European sectoral social partners -SEA Europe and IndustriAll Europe- industry experts, trade unions, education providers, policy makers and other stakeholders will jointly analyse the impact of technological change in existing occupations and future skills needs.

International CLIL conference BELGIUM for teachers in secondary education

08/05/2019 00:00:00 - 10/05/2019 00:00:00

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3rd Validation of Prior Learning Biennale

07/05/2019 00:00:00 - 08/05/2019 00:00:00

Europe, Let's Cooperate! 2019 - Interregional Cooperation Forum

10/04/2019 00:00:00 - 10/04/2019 00:00:00

#TK_OPENDAYS TKNIKA Open Days for Teachers

09/04/2019 00:00:00 - 11/04/2019 23:59:59

High-level conference: The Future of Work: Today. Tomorrow. For All

09/04/2019 00:00:00 - 09/04/2019 00:00:00

Sustainable Europe 2030 - From goals to delivery

08/04/2019 00:00:00 - 08/04/2019 00:00:00

VET in Urban Centres 4th Partner Meeting

08/04/2019 00:00:00 - 10/04/2019 00:00:00

5th European Migration Forum

03/04/2019 00:00:00 - 04/04/2019 00:00:00

International Mobility in VET: A chance for Europe!

21/03/2019 18:00:00 - 21/03/2019 20:30:00

Organised by Rhineland-Palatinate's Representation in Brussels.

Programme available in FR/DE.

EAfA Stakeholder Meeting - Mobility for Apprentices

21/03/2019 00:00:00 - 22/03/2019 23:59:59

(Re)New EUrope

14/03/2019 00:00:00 - 15/03/2019 00:00:00

EARLALL Brussels-based Representatives Meeting

11/03/2019 00:00:00 - 11/03/2019 00:00:00

Towards a More Inclusive European Semester

28/02/2019 09:30:00 - 28/02/2019 13:00:00

EU Industry Days 2019

05/02/2019 00:00:00 - 06/02/2019 00:00:00

Forum on the Future of Learning

24/01/2019 00:00:00 - 24/01/2019 00:00:00

Social Innovation for Refugee Inclusion

24/01/2019 00:00:00 - 25/01/2019 00:00:00

Expert Conference on General Education: "The Implementation of Education Reforms in Europe. Maximising the Positive Effects of Change Processes"

13/12/2018 00:00:00 - 14/12/2018 00:00:00

ESF Transnational Platform event "For an Inclusive Future of Work"

11/12/2018 00:00:00 - 11/12/2018 00:00:00

Conference on "Challenges and opportunities of SMEs in the context of future of work and digitalisation"

06/12/2018 00:00:00 - 06/12/2018 00:00:00

Lifelong Learning Week 2018

03/12/2018 00:00:00 - 07/12/2018 00:00:00

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BOOST to it! VET's CLIL Kick-off Meeting

26/11/2018 00:00:00 - 28/11/2018 00:00:00

Project Development Workshop 2018: Education Rethought. Make it happen!

22/11/2018 00:00:00 - 23/11/2018 00:00:00

Do you have a great idea for an innovative European Project on new ways of educating? Whether it is in higher education, school or vocational education and training, adult education, youth or sport: get ready to set up your European project proposal and benefit from EU funding from the Erasmus+ programme.

Highlight November 22 and 23 in your agenda. The ReSET Task Force is delighted to invite you to the fourth edition of the Project Development Workshop (PDW), to take place in Brussels. The PDW is a unique occasion to convene with institutions, civil society organisations and providers active in the field of education and training, with the aim of building consortia for the next Erasmus+ call for applications.

The topic of this year’s PDW is Education Rethought. Make it happen! Let’s push the development of new ways of educating in all educational sectors and training. What education do we need? How should learning be organised? We want to revisit the purpose of education and the organisation of learning.


VLEVA - Liaison Agency Flanders-Europe
Kortenberglaan / Avenue de Cortenbergh 71
1000 Brussels

This event is a co-organisation of EARLALL, Lifelong Learning Platform, the Liaison Agency Flanders-Europe (VLEVA), Central Denmark EU Office, South Denmark European Office, and West-Finland European Office.


First Phase: Submission of Project Ideas

Do you want to be a project leader? Please send us your project idea before August 20 through this link:

Registration of project ideas is now closed.

 Second Phase: Partner Search

11 organisations are looking for partners in their European consortium on skills to apply for the upcoming Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership and KA3 Policy Reform calls.

If you are interested in an international cooperation and feel like being a potential partner in an innovative project on skills, you can apply for one of the following project ideas until 30 September 2018 (midnight). On 5 October 2018 you will know whether you were selected to participate in the project development workshop.

Overview of the 10 project ideas

AI4Education: Artificial Intelligence for Education – Thomas More University of Applied Sciences
 Increasing Young Learners’ Desire/Willingness to Learn New Things by Improving Their Innovative, Creative and Entrepreneurial Skills – Ministry of National Education
 Education as a solution – Developing a whole systems approach through locality – Scottish Wider Access Programme West SCIO. (SWAPWest)
 PLE-X-LLL: Creating a 21st century professional learning ecosystem for teachers – HOGENT University College Ghent
 Educating and training International Climate Ambassadors – Klimatorium, Lemvig Water and Wastewater
 Sustainability-driven entrepreneurship in VET – Seinäjoki Joint Municipal Authority for Education Sedu
 School inclusion : “Getting a sense of it” – EFFE
 STAY. Sustainable Training and Assessment for Young refugees and Youth workers – ARCI Liguria
 How teachers can design 21st century learning environments – Katholiek Onderwijs Vlaanderen
 Young entrepreneurs in Education 2.0 – Edu-preneur 2.0 – Public Institution for the Regional Development of the Varazdin County

Apply as a partner by 30 September 2018 (midnight)

How do you proceed if you want to apply as a potential partner?

Step 1: Discover the details of each project proposal by clicking on the project title in this overview.

Step 2: Select 1 project proposals per person for which you want to apply.

Step 3: To apply, click on the link following the title of the project.

Step 4:  A small textbox with a weblink opens automatically, click on that link to open the registration form and fill it out.  

Step 5: Do not forget to submit your application by clicking on the submit-button below the form.

Important notes:

 Please be well prepared in order to answer questions about your expertise, human and financial commitment to the project, time you need to obtain the formal “go” of your organization, etc.

 The workshop and lunch are for free but NO compensation is provided for travel costs.

 Your participation in the project development workshop cannot guarantee a successful outcome for your project*. However, it is an excellent opportunity for organizations to meet potential European partners, which might result in a fruitful and sustainable Erasmus+ or Horizon 2020 project.

 Due to capacity of the venue, participants will be restricted to maximum 100.

Registration is now closed.

*Please note that this workshop is a partnering event. The organisation can not guarantee that your project idea will be selected for EU-funding.

Social Enterprises and Digital Inclusion - Participation in the Social and Digital World

18/11/2018 09:00:00 - 18/11/2018 14:00:00

Organised by the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

For more information about this event, click here.

Seminar on Inclusive Activation of People Furthest from the Labour Market

08/11/2018 00:00:00 - 09/11/2018 00:00:00

Organised by the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the EU and the European Social Network.

For more information about this event, click here.

FIER - 2nd Partners Meeting

08/11/2018 00:00:00 - 09/11/2018 23:59:59

FIER - 2nd Partners Meeting

08/11/2018 00:00:00 - 09/11/2018 23:59:59

European VET Skills Week 2018 #DiscoverYourTalent

05/11/2018 00:00:00 - 09/11/2018 00:00:00

Organised by the European Commission.

For more information about this event, click here.

TALENTS 4th Partners Meeting

25/10/2018 00:00:00 - 26/10/2018 23:59:59

EfVET Conference 2018: Rethinking VET for Inclusive Excellence!

24/10/2018 00:00:00 - 27/10/2018 00:00:00

For more information, click here.

VET in Urban Centres 3rd Partner Meeting

24/10/2018 00:00:00 - 26/10/2018 00:00:00

#ErasmusDays 2018

12/10/2018 00:00:00 - 13/10/2018 00:00:00

EARLALL Annual Conference 2018

09/10/2018 16:30:00 - 11/10/2018 17:00:00

EARLALL 2018 General Assembly will take place at the same time as the European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC) (#EURegionsWeek), organised by the European Commission and Committee of the Regions from the 8 to the 11 October 2018. As such, EARLALL participants will also have the opportunity to join some of the events and activities that are taking place in Brussels during that week. For more information about the #EURegionsWeek 2018, click here.

On Wednesday, the Board Meeting will be hosted by Maison de la Bretagne | Europe, while the General Assembly will be held on Thursday at the premises of the Delegation of the Basque Country to the EU. Please note that access to the Board Meeting and the General Assembly is restricted exclusively to EARLALL members.

On the same day in the afternoon, EARLALL's Conference on skills adaptation/anticipation and labour market needs #Stride4StrideBxl (as a follow-up activity for the collection of best practices that took place in the first half of the year) will bring the week to an inspirational concluding point. 

Stride for Stride: Skills Anticipation/Adaptation and Labour Market Needs

Experience in developing skills anticipation and adaptation strategies at regional and local level has raised numerous concerns and challenges that are worth sharing to facilitate “skills governance.” Education and training provision at regional level require a fast adaptation to the rapidly changing skill needs identified by labour market and civil society stakeholders. This conference will provide an open forum for European regions to present their experiences and the challenges that they face, and provide innovative solutions. The event will lead the way to launching a study visits programme within EARLALL member regions.


Board Meeting
Maison de la Bretagne | Europe
Rond-Point Schumann 11
1000 - Brussels

General Assembly
Delegation of the Basque Country to the EU
Rue des Deux Églises 27
1000 - Brussels

Conference #Stride4StrideBxl
Delegation of the Basque Country to the EU
Rue des Deux Églises 27
1000 - Brussels


European Week of Regions & Cities 2018 #EURegionsWeek

08/10/2018 00:00:00 - 11/10/2018 00:00:00

Agenda for EARLALL events during the week:

Tuesday, October 9

16.30 - 18.00 | The Square centre
FIER: Fast-track Integration in European Regions


Everyone has talents that can be used at work and can enhance confidence and esteem! Innovative fast-track integration to the labour market is an important challenge for regions. Through the FIER project (EU funded under EaSI), regions from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Turkey exchange and develop strategies to support integration in the labour market while addressing social and economic cohesion. An interactive workshop is planned and online connections will be made with Turkey (YUVA works with Syrian refugees near the border) and with Sweden, to the Support Group Network (refugees supporting refugees) where participants will experience real testimonies.


Wednesday, October 10

11.30 - 13.00 | Permanent Delegation of Brittany (Maison de la Bretagne)
Investing in People for a Regional and European Success


VET and adult education have a key role in shaping skills for regional development: skills are a driving force for economic and social development. To meet the EU's post-2020 policy objectives for cohesion, development and competitiveness, the role of education, VET, adult education and skills matching will be crucial. This requires public authorities at regional, national and European level to take an innovative approach involving all relevant stakeholders. The workshop will include a keynote from the European Commission on its post-2020 priorities (investing in human capital), followed by a panel discussion with regional representatives with the aim of gaining practical, hands-on conclusions and recommendations for regional and EU policy-makers.


For more information about the #EURegionsWeek 2018, click here.


Digital Education Expert Conference: "Digital Strategies for School Education. Barriers, Enablers and Success Factors

08/10/2018 00:00:00 - 08/10/2018 00:00:00

Organised by the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

For more information about this event, click here.

Introducing the European Skills Index Launch event

27/09/2018 09:00:00 - 27/09/2018 13:30:00

For more information, click here.

Peer Learning Workshop on S3

20/09/2018 09:00:00 - 20/09/2018 17:00:00

Organised by the European Commission DG EMPL and the Joint Research Centre. The event will feature interventions from EARLALL members.

For more information about this event, click here.

Expert Conference: "The New Student. Flexible Learning Paths and Future Learning Environments"

20/09/2018 00:00:00 - 20/09/2018 00:00:00

For more information about this event, click here.

Conference: Digitalisation of Work

19/09/2018 00:00:00 - 19/09/2018 00:00:00

For more information, click here.

Consultation: Erasmus, the Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport

04/09/2018 10:00:00 - 04/09/2018 12:00:00

For more information, click here.

Public Hearing: Justice, Rights and Values Fund

03/09/2018 00:00:00 - 03/09/2018 00:00:00

For more information about this event, click here.

EU Youth Conference #YouthConf

02/09/2018 00:00:00 - 04/09/2018 00:00:00

Stakeholder consultation: Building a Stronger Europe: the role of youth, education and culture policies

16/07/2018 11:00:00 - 16/07/2018 13:00:00

The Next EU Youth Strategy

09/07/2018 10:00:00 - 09/07/2018 13:00:00

YES - Youth Entrepreneurial Spirit conference

27/06/2018 09:00:00 - 27/06/2018 14:30:00

The conference “YES-Youth Entrepreneurial Spirit” will take place on June 27, 2018, at the premises of the Tuscany Region Brussels Liaison Office.

The conference is the first step on the path established by the EARLALL's Working Group on Youth Policies. The working group is promoted and chaired by the Tuscany Region’s Ministry of Education, Training and Labour Policies and coordinated by Giovanisì, a Regional project supporting the autonomy of young people. It has been created to deepen specific areas of focus regarding youth policies, namely: mobility in the vocational education, apprenticeship and young entrepreneurship, which tools in the fight to reduce unemployment rates and improve the education system in Europe.

Throughout 2017, the working group has been particularly active on the issue of young entrepreneurship, collecting existing best practices at local level. “YES - Youth Entrepreneurial Spirit” aims to systematize the best practices regarding resourcefulness and self-entrepreneurship, from the experience gained in the education system to a proper support for business creation. The conference will share successful strategies that are improving the transition from education to employment and reducing the number of young people leaving school early. For example, possible pathways for work-linked training will be presented as they are considered extremely useful in supporting young people to find employment.

YES– Youth Entrepreneurial Spirit” is promoted by Giovanisì-Regione Toscana and by the Tuscany Region Brussels Liaison Office, as part of the EARLALL’s Working Group on Youth Policies coordinated by the Tuscany Region’s Ministry of Education, Training and Labour Policies.

For more information, click here.

Click here to access the conference's abstract and draft programme

Eventbrite - YES - Youth Entrepreneurial Spirit conference

Registration open until June 24th. 

Cultural Heritage in Europe: Linking Past and Future

26/06/2018 14:00:00 - 26/06/2018 19:00:00

For more information, click here.

Towards a European Education Area - Promoting Common Values and Inclusive Education

21/06/2018 10:00:00 - 21/06/2018 12:30:00

For more information, click here.

12th Stakeholder Meeting of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships

21/06/2018 00:00:00 - 22/06/2018 00:00:00

Digital4Her. More Women in Digital: A Strategy for Growth and Equality

19/06/2018 09:00:00 - 19/06/2018 17:30:00

For more information and registration, click here.

A European Strategy on Artificial Intelligence

18/06/2018 09:30:00 - 18/06/2018 16:30:00

For more information, click here.

European Validation Festival

14/06/2018 00:00:00 - 15/06/2018 23:59:59

European Youth Event

01/06/2018 00:00:00 - 02/06/2018 00:00:00

"Anticipating the Future" Congress

30/05/2018 00:00:00 - 01/06/2018 16:00:00

The Regional Ministry of Education in the Basque Region is organizing the major congress "Anticipating the Future" in Donostia - San Sebastián from May 30 to June 1, 2018. Speakers will include experts from Cedefop, the European Commission (EC) and UNESCO, as well as representatives from VET providers, employers and other education networks and civil society organisations.

To download the draft agenda, please click here.

For further information, please click here (in Spanish).

Civil Society Days

24/05/2018 00:00:00 - 25/05/2018 00:00:00

For more information and registration, click here.

VET in Urban Centres 2nd Partner Meeting

22/05/2018 00:00:00 - 24/05/2018 00:00:00

Project partners are gathering in Ljubljana (Slovenia) to discuss their work and set up the next steps to be taken. For more information about this project, click here.

Growing Religious Diversity - What are Europe's Answers?

15/05/2018 00:00:00 - 15/05/2018 00:00:00

Interreg Europe Virtual Q&A Hour

04/05/2018 10:00:00 - 04/05/2018 11:00:00

For more information and registration, click here.

Annual Convention for Inclusive Growth 2018 - #ACIG2018

27/04/2018 08:00:00 - 27/04/2018 17:00:00

The Annual Convention for Inclusive Growth (ACIG) is an action-oriented platform bringing together civil society organisations and policymakers to discuss how to achieve truly inclusive growth. In 2018, the ACIG will take place on 27 April. 

To access the draft agenda, venue details and more information, please click here.

EACEA Webstreaming Info Session: European Youth Together 2018

24/04/2018 10:00:00 - 24/04/2018 12:00:00

For more information, click here.

Conference "Professional Education and Training as a First Choice"

24/04/2018 00:00:00 - 25/04/2018 16:30:00

For more information, click here.

Educate to Create – From digital consumers to digital creators

19/04/2018 09:00:00 - 20/04/2018 16:30:00

For more information, click here.

INFODAY - Social Inclusion and common values: the contribution in the field of education, training and youth – EACEA/10/2018

16/04/2018 14:00:00 - 16/04/2018 17:00:00

For more information and registration, please click here.

Integration of Long-Term Unemployed into the Labour Market: 2 Years after the Council Recommendation

12/04/2018 14:00:00 - 12/04/2018 16:30:00

For more information about this event, click here.

Digital Education and Entrepreneurial Skills for Inclusive, Cohesive and Innovative Societies

11/04/2018 10:00:00 - 11/04/2018 12:00:00

The Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU will host a conference on the topic Digital Education and Entrepreneurial Skills for Inclusive, Cohesive and Innovative Societies in the Press Room of the Europa Building of the Council in Brussels. The event will be kicked-off by the Bulgarian Deputy-Minister of Education and Science Ms. Denitsa Sacheva and will set the scene for the Bulgarian Presidency Flagship conference on education ‘Educate to Create: from Digital Consumers to Digital Creators’ that will take place on 19-20 April in Sofia.

The agenda is available here, and the registration form can be accessed through this link

The Future of the EU and the Role of the Regions

10/04/2018 11:00:00 - 10/04/2018 18:00:00

For more information about this event, click here.

Europe, Let's Cooperate

22/03/2018 00:00:00 - 23/03/2018 00:00:00

European Qualifications Framework Conference: Supporting learning, work and cross-border mobility

15/03/2018 00:00:00 - 16/03/2018 23:59:59

European Migration Forum

06/03/2018 00:00:00 - 07/03/2018 23:59:59

10th Meeting of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships

22/02/2018 00:00:00 - 22/02/2018 23:59:41

FIER Kick-Off Meeting

20/02/2018 00:00:00 - 22/02/2018 16:00:00

Information meeting for High level public authorities interested in the European Policy Experimentations call for proposals EACEA 28/2017

29/01/2018 08:30:00 - 29/01/2018 16:30:00

Organised by EACEA.

Project Development Workshop: Teachers and Trainers of Tomorrow

30/11/2017 17:00:00 - 01/12/2017 15:30:00

Do you have a great idea for an innovative European Project on tackling challenges related to the professional development of teachers and trainers? Does it align with the recent EU communication on "School Development and Excellent Teaching for a Great Start in Life"?
Whether it is in higher education, school or vocational education and training, adult education, youth or sports, get ready to develop your Erasmus+ project proposal and benefit from EU funding. Let's shape the Teachers and Trainers of Tomorrow!
Pin down Thursday 30 November and Friday 1 December 2017 in your calendar!
You will get a unique insight into the Commission’s new priority on professional development in the 2018 Erasmus+ programmes and meet European partners for your project idea.

Build your European consortium for the upcoming calls for proposals related to the professional development of teachers and trainers:

Erasmus+ Key Action 2: Innovation and Good Practices

Erasmus+ Key Action 3: Policy reforms

Erasmus+ Sport

How does it work? 

Find European partners for your next project on tackling skills challenges
Do you want to submit a proposal as a project leader? Please fill in the form by 15 September 2017. This form should only be completed by potential project promoters who have a clear project idea and who are willing to act as a project leader under Erasmus+ KA2, KA3 or Sport calls.
Submit your project idea now (deadline 15 September 23.59 CET)

You will be notified in the second half of September 2017 whether your project idea has been selected to participate in the project development workshop*, and by the end of September we will distribute the best project ideas among potential partners. Interested partners will be able to sign up for the project development workshop until October 23rd, and project leaders will select themselves the best partners for their project. An e-confirmation of participation will be sent later in October.

To warm up, you can participate in an afternoon seminar and cocktail reception on Thursday 30 November. During the evening networking cocktail you will have the opportunity to exchange your views with experts on education and policy officers of the European Commission, as well as to network with potential partners. Please note that the ReSET group does not cover travel or accommodation expenses.

On Friday 1 December, project leaders will prepare and lead their own workshop, presenting their ideas in roundtables with the partners that they will have selected beforehand. Still unsure about what will happen? Check out last year's PDW in our presentation video!
This event is a co-organisation of the Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the EUEARLALLthe Liaison agency Flanders-Europe (vleva), the West-Finland European OfficeSouth Denmark European OfficeCentral Denmark EU Office, and the Lifelong Learning Platform. Both the cocktail reception and the workshops will take place in Brussels. 
Get ideas for your project!
The knowledge, skills and attitudes of each of Europe's 6 million teachers are of great importance. The quality of their teaching has a direct effect upon learners’ attainment.
The demands made on teachers, school leaders, and teacher educators are increasing and changing. They are called on to play a key role in modernising education. To do that, they need to develop their own competences. Initial education and continuous professional development of the highest quality, and access to support throughout their careers are both essential.

Read more about what the Commission has been doing so far (as well as the advice of Cedefop for VET teachers)


The main topic of the PDW will be professional development of teachers and trainers in all educational sectors (early childhood education, school education, VET, higher education, adult education) and training. 


Strengthening the profile of the teaching profession and making their career more attractive

Diversity and inclusion in the classroom and promoting citizenship and common fundamental values

Promotion of high-quality and innovative teaching in all educational sectors and training

Strengthening distributed leadership at school and teacher leadership for learning

…any other fitting into the priorities!

We are looking forward to reading your project idea! 
Kind regards,
ReSET PDW Task Force 

Karen Vandersickel – Liaison agency Flanders-Europe
Hanne De Roo - Liaison Agency Flanders-Europe 
Ulrike Conrad – Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the EU
Jugatx Ortiz – EARLALL
Anne-Maria Mäkelä – West Finland European Office
Julie Sand Jørgensen – Central Denmark EU Office
Henriette Hansen – South Denmark European Office
Ulla-Alexandra Mattl - Lifelong Learning Platform

Submit your project idea now!

*Please note that this workshop is a partnering event. The organisation cannot guarantee that your project idea will be selected for EU-funding.

EARLALL Board + General Assembly

21/11/2017 09:30:00 - 21/11/2017 17:00:00

European Vocational Skills Week 2017

20/11/2017 09:00:00 - 24/11/2017 16:00:00

Do come and join the European Commission's Second European Vocational Skills Week on 20-24 November 2017!

The Week will build on the considerable success of last year's Week, by focussing again on a clear message that excellent vocational education and training (VET) can be a path to an equally good career to that available through traditional education routes. This message will be showcased through a number of meetings in Brussels on 22-24 November and all sorts of events/activities across Europe that we will associate with the Week from September to December 2017. The meetings in Brussels will include a VET Day (22/11), an enterprise-education summit to mark the completion of the European Pact for Youth (23/11), and a colourful closing event including an award ceremony (24/11). On 20 and 21 November, we envisage opening events at national level, and a national level "Employers Day" respectively.

The webpage ( will include an electronic registration system for national, regional or local events/activities that we can showcase (once quality-controlled) on a map. This will give you visibility and you are at liberty to use the visual identity for the European Vocational Skills Week. Another main activity will be a focussed communication campaign across Europe, including production of videos and brochures, and significant on-line social and traditional media promotion. The campaign can help you with your own awareness-raising.

The European Commission recognises that they need to do more to reach out to regional and local stakeholders especially, since we take all VET opportunities seriously. Do get involved:

- The Commision puts your names on our Week contacts list, and every time you receive an email from them, you act on it and/or pass it on to your relevant correspondents

- You organise your own VET events to take place between September and December 2017, and apply to register them on our electronic map

- You join a Week-associated event near you

- You use social media to spread the message.

Conference/peer learning activity on the impact of NQFs

09/11/2017 09:00:00 - 10/11/2017 16:00:00

Cedefop, in cooperation with the European Commission and Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI), invites to a conference/peer learning activity on the issue of national qualifications framework (NQF) impact. The purpose of the event is to stimulate an open and critical reflection on the current and future role of NQFs.

Do national qualifications frameworks (NQFs) make a difference – how to measure and evaluate impact of NQFs?

NQF developments in Europe have been rapid. Before 2005, qualifications frameworks were in place in 3 European countries – in France, Ireland and UK. By 2017, NQFs have been introduced by all 39 countries taking part in the implementation of the EQF.        

Given that these NQFs are increasingly operational, questions regarding their added value and their impact are timely. 

Participants are expected to contribute actively to the event and conclusions from the different working sessions will be brought together in a final note to be discussed by the EQF Advisory Group. Information on registration will follow in September

More info: 

EfVET International Annual Conference 2017 "Work & Education aligned to the future"

25/10/2017 09:00:00 - 28/10/2017 16:00:00

Work & Education aligned to the future

Our Conference is highly interactive, providing considerable opportunity to network and find new partnerships. By popular demand, the mobility marketplace is back providing delegates with a forum session to meet prospective new partners in the promotion and implementation of transnational mobility (Erasmus + Key Action 1) and share ideas and partnership (under Erasmus + Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnership).


1st European guidance week (Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, Cedefop and Foundation Innove)

26/09/2017 09:00:00 - 29/09/2017 16:00:00

The Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, Cedefop and Foundation Innove are co-organising the first European guidance week, in Tallinn on 26-29 September.

The week is planned as part of Estonia’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the second semester of 2017. The overall theme will be innovative information and communication technologies (ICT) and future cooperation in the field of lifelong guidance. The aim is to:

share innovative ICT practices;

disseminate tools and initiatives to support the development of lifelong guidance ICT capacity;

and facilitate future cooperation at European level.

The programme will integrate the most relevant events on lifelong guidance at European level, including a thematic EU Presidency conference, the first meeting of Cedefop’s expert group in guidance, CareersNet, and a Euroguidance meeting.

Around 200 participants involved in European, national and regional lifelong guidance policy and practice will attend the 7th EU Presidency conference on lifelong guidance policy, co-organised by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, Cedefop and Foundation Innove. During the conference Cedefop will offer workshops to pilot and test its upcoming tools for guidance practitioners and careers service managers, including a handbook on transferability of practices, a practitioners’ toolkit and training modules.

You can find the draft agenda, event information and information about accommodation and local transport on the official website of the European guidance week.

UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning - 3rd International Conference on Learning Cities

18/09/2017 00:00:00 - 20/09/2017 23:00:00

Third International Conference on Learning Cities

Date: 18 September 2017 to 20 September 2017
Where: Cork (Ireland)

Learning Cities play a central role in promoting lifelong learning at local levels, thereby stimulating sustainable development. The third International Conference on Learning Cities will take place in Cork, Ireland from 18 to 20 September 2017. The conference comes at a critical time in global development with countries working towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to which cities have a significant contribution to make.

The conference will provide a platform for cities to share knowledge, exchange ideas and compare strategies and approaches that can be used to further develop or initiate development of learning cities. Participants will discuss the development of learning cities in the context of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, particularly the local implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 4, which aims to ‘ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all’.  

This is the first time that such a major international conference in this field is to be held in Europe. The open, vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Cork offers an excellent setting for the conference. Known as the gateway to the south of Ireland, Cork is a destination to experience the best of traditional Irish culture and a warm welcome from the people. Cork city is also ideally located for exploring the beautiful surrounding countryside of County Cork.

Cedefop policy learning forum (PLF) on apprenticeships

07/09/2017 09:00:00 - 08/09/2017 16:30:00

The first policy learning forums (PLFs) on apprenticeships is linked to the thematic country reviews on apprenticeships (TCRs), which Cedefop launched in 2014. With the TCRs Cedefop supports cooperation at European level among Member States and interacts with individual countries that wish to develop quality apprenticeships, in line with EU policies. 

Cedefop’s PLFs are an opportunity for countries to generate knowledge and they act as a site of consensus-building around shared problems. The 2017 PLF on apprenticeships addresses the countries that are involved at different stages in the TCRs and flash TCRs on apprenticeships, or that expressed their interest to participate. Stakeholders and national experts directly involved in the TCR exercises have been invited to contribute to the PLF.

This PLF will take place in Cedefop (Thessaloniki, Greece) on 7 and 8 September.

Education priorities Estonian Presidency: Modernisation of education in the spotlight

27/06/2017 12:00:00 - 27/06/2017 14:00:00

Liaison Agency Flanders-Europe (vleva), Kortenberglaan 71, 1000 Brussels

Education priorities Estonian Presidency: Modernisation of education in the spotlight

Join us at the Liaison Agency Flanders-Europe (vleva) on the 27th of June 2017 and discover what the Estonian Presidency will do for education in Europe.

From the 1st of July until the 31st of December Estonia will hold the presidency of the Council of the EU. The Estonian presidency will focus on the modernisation of school education and higher education, on graduate tracking and on the revision of the Europass.

You will discover all this and more at the event Education priorities of the Estonian presidency on Tuesday 27 June from 12 pm until 2 pm. This event is in co-organisation with the Ministry of Education and Training of the Flemish Government.


12.00 pm - 1.00 pm: Sandwich Lunch

1.00 pm - 1.30 pm: Filip Van Depoele, Head of Unit to the Directorate-General Education, Youth, Sport and Culture of the European Commission (DG EAC) will tell you about the Education Package of the European Commission, published on the 30th of May 2017.

1.30 pm - 2.00 pm: Ülle Kurvits, Counsellor for Educational and Youth Affairs at the Permanent Representation of Estonia to the EU. She will tell you about the education priorities of the Estonian EU Presidency.


BRIDGE & FairGuidance Final Conference

27/06/2017 10:00:00 - 27/06/2017 16:00:00

About the conference:

Society and the world of work are once again facing thorough changes. Globalisation and migration, digitalisation and industry 4.0, demographic changes and shortage of specialised workers are just some trends which will cause revolutions in living and working. The education sector has to react to these changes.

Educational and career guidance will gain much more importance. Which challenges, however, will guidance organisations  and above all guidance counsellors face? And how can they support persons with all kinds of educational and social backgrounds in designing their individual education and career paths in the future?

We invite you to go with us on an expedition through Europe. In the framework of two European partnership projects with lead partners from Baden-Württemberg, successful strategies of educational and career guidance have been elaborated. A main focus was on guidance for lower-skilled and disadvantaged target groups. At the final conference of the projects „BRIDGE – Building up regional initiatives to develop guidance for low-skilled adults“ and „FairGuidance“, international guidance practioners will present best practice examples from France, Sweden, Romania, Bulgaria and last not least Germany.

In panel discussions, you have the possibility to discover new approaches of guidance:

- Cooperation as a strategy of guidance

- E-Guidance – educational and career guidance online

- Business Intelligence in guidance

In a keynote speech, Prof. Dr. Peter Weber of the University of Applied Labour Studies will highlight new challenges for educational and career guidance 2030  – requirements of company –  and the individual perspective. Patrizia Santomauro will reflect on diversity in the context of counselling with the help of concrete examples.



More info: visit BRIDGE website

CEDEFOP Policy learning forum: Vocational training for the long-term unemployed

15/06/2017 09:00:00 - 16/06/2017 17:00:00

Event rationale and objectives

The economic downturn has led to a marked increase in long-term unemployment (LTU). In 2015 there were almost 4 million more European citizens out of work for more than one year compared to 2007. Although recently employment growth has somewhat improved, in 2015 nearly half of the jobless in the EU were long-term unemployed, affecting almost 11 million people (4.5% of the active EU population). Close to two-thirds of them (6.8 million) have been out of work for more than two years (so-called very long-term unemployed, VLTU).

Addressing long-term unemployment is one of the key challenges of the EU’s jobs and growth agenda, as its persistence and higher risk of skills deterioration are barriers to labour market integration and lead to social exclusion. The recent Council recommendation on the labour market integration of the long-term unemployed and the European Commission’s New Skills Agenda for Europe call for a multi-faceted strategy that combines macroeconomic policy with better activation and skills policies. Such policies should include better skills profiling and validation, identification of skill needs in the local economy and targeted training combined with individualized career guidance and counselling. They depart from ‘work-first’ approaches to activation.

The aim of the policy learning forum (PLF) is to inform approaches to VET within activation measures that put skill matching centre stage. The forum will seek to ‘put policy into practice’ by moving beyond theory and empirical analysis and towards a deeper understanding of features, mechanisms and triggers underpinning effectiveness of innovative examples from across the EU. The PLF will serve as a platform for debate and mutual learning for key stakeholders involved in the design and delivery of VET and skill matching programs as part of activation policies.

The PLF will build on Cedefop’s recent publication on ‘Tackling unemployment while addressing skill mismatch: Lessons from policy and practice in EU countries’

Concept note agenda VET LTU PLF_24_04_2017

International Conference Future of Education

08/06/2017 09:00:00 - 09/06/2017 16:00:00

Florence, Italy

8 - 9 June 2017

The seventh edition of The Future of Education aims to promote transnational cooperation and share good practice in the field of innovation for Education. The Conference brings together teachers, researchers, practitioners and project managers from all over the world to share findings, expertise and experience about innovative teaching and learning methodologies.

The conference is an excellent opportunity for the presentation of previous and current educational projects. 

Conference programme


Please click on the following link for information about the previous editions.

Education and Business Cooperation in Baden-Württemberg: Providing young people a successful transition into the labour market

01/06/2017 12:00:00 - 01/06/2017 14:30:00

Lunch debate "Education and Business Cooperation in Baden-Württemberg: Providing young people a successful transition into the labour market" 

Successful transition from school to work is a key element in preventing youth unemployment and fulfilling the demands for a skilled workforce. European Education and Employment Policy focuses on these objectives. The European Commission tackles these challenges with the New Skills Agenda for Europe, for example, by reviewing the Recommendation on Key Competences for Lifelong Learning from 2006 and by promoting Vocational Education and Training (VET) as a first choice.

Which factors contribute to help young people to successfully enter into the labour market? Vocational guidance is crucial for this to happen, but is also a long process that cannot start early enough.

Vocational guidance has become a major principle in Baden-Württemberg’s curricula and has been embedded in all school subjects and school forms. In addition, a new subject called Economics / Guidance towards Vocational Education and Training and Higher Education has been introduced. For a successful implementation of these new guiding principles in the curricula, a fruitful cooperation between the education system and the business sector is inevitable. The Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Baden-Württemberg (BWIHK) and its companies intensely contribute to strengthen vocational guidance in secondary education.

This successful partnership is unique and could release positive stimuli to the EU.



Johannes Jung, Head of the Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the EU

"Vocational guidance in Baden-Württemberg"

Dr Johannes Bergner, Director General Education, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Baden-Württemberg

"The Business Sector: Partner in Education"

Dr Martin Frädrich, Director Vocational Education and Training (VET), Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Stuttgart and Coordinator for VET Training at BWIHK

“Transition from School into the labour market: Which challenges has the EU to tackle?”

Aline Jürges, Team leader, Unit Skills and Qualifications, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission


Panel discussion

Michael Teutsch, Head of Unit Schools and Multilingualism, Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Culture and Sports, European Commission

Thomas Schenk, Director Vocational Guidance at secondary schools, Ministry of Education Baden-Württemberg

Dr Martin FrädrichDirector Vocational Education and Training (VET), Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Stuttgart and Coordinator for VET Training at BWIHK

Barbara Fabian, Head of Unit European Education and VET policy, German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK)

Bianca Schich, Teacher at Königin-Katharina-Stift, Stuttgart

Moderation: Markus Grabitz, Brussels Correspondent, Stuttgarter Zeitung


A light lunch will be served as from 12:00 am.

A simultaneous interpretation German-English/English-German will be provided. 

ESF Transnational Platform's Conference 'Inspiration, Practice and Future"

01/06/2017 09:00:00 - 02/06/2017 18:00:00

The annual event of the ESF Transnational Platform will happen this year in Brussels on 1 and 2 June. This date will be the key moment for our community to take stock of what we have learned throughout this second year of activity, to work across the themes of our nine Networks, and also to explore new ways to strengthen transnational cooperation and to enhance the impact of the ESF.

The conference will bring together 250 participants – from ESF Managing Authorities and Intermediate Bodies, public authorities in charge of policy frameworks, social partners and NGOs working in countries or at European level, European Commission’s officers and the AEIDL team in charge of the Platform.

Please read the programme overview (pdf).

We will put together an enriching event, in which everyone has a chance to share their experience, comment on ESF and policy developments and learn from each other. To do so, you will be offered a dozen workshops where you can work interactively, inspirational sessions about the future of inclusion in a time of social investment, of training and work and of policy-making. Of course, the topical issues related to the ESF and to transnational cooperation will be at the core of our discussions. In particular, we aim make a push on transnational calls for proposals and on improving support to social innovation.

The ESF Transnational Platform's first seminar was held in June 2016, and featured many discussions at the crossroads between different Thematic Networks. We hope you will enjoy the new edition at least as much as you did last year!

We are looking forward to meeting you in Brussels on 1-2 June. You should receive an invitation shortly. Travel and accommodation will be organised directly by the contractors of the European Commission. Please do not book anything by yourself since we could not reimburse you. If you think you are not already in our contact list and the event is of interest for you, please contact us at


AEIDL on behalf of the European Commission
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Rue Gineste 3
1210 Brussels

Lifelong Learning Platform Annual Confernece "Education in a Digital World"

31/05/2017 09:00:00 - 01/06/2017 17:00:00

The LLLPlatform will be holding its Annual Conference 2017 in Estonia on the theme of Education in the Digital World. The Conference will take place on 31 may and 1 June. This event will call on participants to question the influence of digital technologies on pedagogy: how new technologies transform the teaching and learning experience, how education should adapt to deliver new and future skills, and more generally, how educational policies are designed in the digital era. Stay tuned for more information!


logo_ac2017_blue back

Concept / Programme / Registrations / Speakers / Digital Fair / Visit Tallinn

Digitalisation is ever growing and will inevitably affect all sectors. Yet we still struggle to understand the extent of it and few are fully prepared for it: there is a change in the nature of the race between man and the machine, and the machine is running faster. The challenge of education in a digital world commands us to open education as widely as possible to include all, through flexible pathways and innovative thinking in order to enable all to adapt to yet unknown developments. How can lifelong learning answer these challenges in order to insure universal access to digital education? 

One of the first visible issues is the skills gap between labour market needs and the digital competences learners have; the additional digital skills required mean low skilled jobs are being replaced by medium to high skilled jobs; qualifications delivered by educational institutions do not correspond to the qualifications sought after in the labour market… But more broadly, if this skills gap has obvious repercussions on employment, digitalisation is affecting all areas of life: from booking a plane ticket to paying their taxes, citizens are nowadays required to be digitally proficient in order to participate in society. The transformations generated by the development of new technologies are indeed so overarching that digital skills have become life skills. It is thus imperative to reflect on these new challenges from an inclusiveness perspective, in order to ensure universal access of all, and consequently, adopt a lifelong learning approach.

How does education, in its multiple forms, adapt to this new reality? Digitalising education is often presented as the panacea to tackle these issues. Progressively, teachers are being encouraged to use digital devices in their classrooms, because learners must become digitally literate to live in today’s world, but also because these tools may improve the learning process and teaching methods. Digitalisation also allows to open up the classroom and bring education to the learner wherever she/he is and whoever she/he is.

These changes brought by digitalisation are affecting education as a whole. In this new context, what is the place of the learner, the educator and technology? How are learning environments (from home, to classroom, to community) affected by it? Should we, and how may we equip all learners with digital devices to ensure they develop digital skills? How do we ensure learners remain independent from the tool?  The digital world is opening access to new forms of education and learning yet remains inaccessible to many: who are they? Why is this a European challenge and what is the added-value of seeking solutions within the European Union? Starting with these questions, the Lifelong Learning Platform will invite participants to question the ways in which we can ensure all learners have access to the education they need, to grow and understand the digital world, and how lifelong learning will support them in seizing new opportunities and fully participating in society.

The Conference will serve as a knowledge-building event, with the long-term aim of designing together a common special Digital Agenda for Education.

Europe, talent and the future of work: Employability in the face of technological disruption

30/05/2017 12:00:00 - 30/05/2017 14:00:00

With youth unemployment still high in Europe, many companies report difficulties in attracting talent with the right skills. Employers and candidates alike realise that education has not prepared them well enough for the challenges and opportunities of today’s labour market. The European Commission, through its flagship Youth Employment Initiative (YEI) and the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA), tries to make a difference. 

The 2017 Global Talent Competitiveness Index, published by INSEAD and The Adecco Group, shows that countries and cities that invest in effective talent strategies successfully tackle unemployment. Close collaboration between public and private partners and investment in innovative education is essential to foster talent. Stakeholders should ensure implementation of project based and experiential learning, while developing apprenticeships and internships that meet high quality standards and keep ahead of advances in technology. 

EURACTIV invites you to this workshop to explore the future of quality training for young people and discuss issues such as:
- What are the main obstacles for young people in entering the job market? How can they gain the necessary skills and access quality training? 
- What are the best practices for “talent readiness for technology”? How to replicate and adapt the “recipe for success”?
- How can the gap between education and employment be bridged? Should school and universities play a bigger role in preparing young people with more work-based training and skills?
- How to increase the number of available apprenticeships for young people? What role for the EU institutions? What should employers do? 
- Are institutional tools sufficient or should they be further strengthened?


Mission of Switzerland to the EU
Place du Luxembourg 1, 1050 Brussels


Welcome addresses
HE Ambassador Urs Bucher, Head of Mission of Switzerland to the EU
Bettina Schaller, Director Group Public Affairs, The Adecco Group

Discussion contributors
Rodrigo Ballester, Member of Tibor Navracsics’s Cabinet, European Commission
Ilhan Kyuchyuk MEP, Shadow Rapporteur for Follow-up of the Strategic Framework for European Cooperation in Education and Training (ET2020), European Parliament 
Allan Päll, Secretary General, European Youth Forum
Bruno Lanvin, Executive Director of Global Indices, INSEAD
Gaël Salomon, Managing Director, Customer Solutions, The Adecco Group France


12:00 – 12:30 Registration and networking lunch
12:30 – 13:00 Opening statements
13:00 – 14:00 Open debate and Q&A


Irene Marchi  
+32 (0)2 226 58 23

European Alliance for Appenticeships, High-level event

30/05/2017 09:00:00 - 31/05/2017 17:00:00

Celebrating success and looking ahead

High-level event, 30-31 May 2017, Valletta (Malta)


In cooperation with the Maltese Presidency, the European Commission organises a high-level event to mark 4 years of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships.

On the agenda

  • Boosting mobility for apprentices
  • Apprenticeships support services: Making it happen!
  • Towards a European Quality Framework for Apprenticeships
  • Launch of a new European Network of Apprentices
  • Welcoming newcomers

5th World Forum for Lifelong Learning: Continuous Education for Sustainable Development

25/05/2017 09:00:00 - 27/05/2017 17:00:00

Lenexpo Exhibition Complex 
Prospekt Bolshoy V.O., 103 
St Petersburg 

With the support of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL), the International Council for Adult Education (ICAE) and the International Center for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (UNESCO-UNEVOC, HONKONG) the 5th World Forum and15th International Conference for Lifelong Learning - Lifelong Education and Learning for Sustainable Development: an Integrated Approach will take place in Saint-Petersburg, 25-26-27 May 2017.The main objectives are:

1. Discuss key aspects of lifelong learning and education in the perspective of sustainable development.

2. Innovate concepts and practices in application of United Nations principles of lifelong learning and education for sustainable development.

3. Reinforce international multidisciplinary and multicultural cooperation among different actors on diverse levels and modalities (formal and informal) of the education system – such as higher education (educators, researchers and administrators) – as well as of civil society and the private sector.

4. Encourage the creation of local, national, regional and international networks to promote lifelong learning and education in order to achieve sustainable development goals.

5. Develop recommendations to UNESCO and other specialized agencies (within and out of the United Nations system), governments, the international education community and civil society.

Expected outcomes

1. Key aspects of lifelong learning and education for sustainable development are identified.

2. Innovative concepts and practices of lifelong learning and education for sustainable development are documented.

3. New forms of cooperation between relevant Lifelong Learning and Education actors are established.

4. A set of recommendations addressed to UNESCO and other agencies and actors are formulated.


More information about LSU and 5th Forum (in Russian):
The French, English and Spanish 5th Forum websites are under construction.

CEDEFOP Policy learning forum: VET as a solution to leaving education early

16/05/2017 09:00:00 - 17/05/2017 17:00:00

Welcome to Cedefop policy learning forum “VET as a solution to leaving education early”  #VETearlyleaving that will take place on 16-17 May 2017 at Cedefop headquarters in Thessaloniki.

This policy learning form (PLF) will involve the participation of approximately 80 national, regional and local policy makers, institutional level actors and social partners from different countries, as well as representatives from European and international organisations involved in the design and implementation of measures to tackle early leaving from education and training (ELET).

Event rationale and aims

The PLF will focus on the contribution that VET can make to reducing early leaving from education and training.

VET institutions in some countries tend to be faced with high rates of drop outs. However, high quality, inclusive and flexible VET provision may prevent and remedy leaving education early. Cedefop study Leaving education early: Putting Vocational Education and Training (VET) centre stage shows that VET can be a safety net for those at-risk learners in general education offering an alternative pathway and securing their retention in education and training. Also, VET offering a more practical, work-oriented route towards a qualification can magnetize early leavers back to education and training.

Facing up to early leaving from education and training requires a better understanding and close monitoring of the phenomenon; streamlining of existing initiatives; and a strategic alliance between policy-makers, educators, employers, trade unions and civil society. To this end, Cedefop supports evidence-based policy making through research and peer learning, and launches a new Europe-wide toolkit to support the design, implementation and evaluation of VET policies to tackle early leaving.

The aims of the policy learning forum include:

  • learning from the findings of the above mentioned Cedefop study and pilot the associated web-based toolkit;
  • enabling participants to use Cedefop evaluation tools to assess strengths and weaknesses of their policies (at national, regional or institutional level);
  • providing an opportunity to learn from others who are working in the same field through a poster exhibition on good practices from different European countries as well as panel discussions with key international experts;
  • identifying common strengths and weaknesses and recommending possible training needs or areas for further research in the future;
  • committing those taking part to disseminate the toolkit at national and international levels;
  • creating a network of high level experts working on inclusive VET policies.


The PLF will require active participation from all participants involved in dialogue, good practice description in the form of a poster exhibition and exchange of experiences in the plenary sessions as well as in working groups.

The event will be organised around plenary and parallel working group sessions according to the three following aspects of ELET:

  • Identification: identifying those at risk of early leaving and identifying and monitoring those who have already dropped out;
  • Intervention: measures to tackle early leaving;
  • Evaluation: evaluating measures to identify what works and for whom.

During the event, participants will have the opportunity to pilot the new electronic toolkit, inspired by VET practices, providing guidance, good practices and tools to help tackle ELET.

We hope that you enjoy and find this event fruitful,

Dr Irene Psifidou Irene Psifidou

Cedefop expert responsible for this event

Project Development Workshop - In 2017, Skills will be Key

08/12/2016 00:00:00 - 09/12/2016 23:30:00

On Thursday 8 and Friday 9 December 2016 EARLALL, together with partner regions and orgaisations, is organising a Project Development Workshop for the upcoming call for proposals  Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnerships. 

The PDW Task Force has received and selected the 9 main project ideas, for which a partner selection has been going on. 

Overview of the 9 project ideas:

  1. Platform Maker Education Europe: Waag Society
  2. Cognition & Inclusion: vzw den achtkanter
  3. Improving learning efficiency / learning pathways: PXL University College, Centre of expertise PXL Educational Innovation
  4. Developing new training approaches for ppl w/ mental disorders: INFREP
  5. Supporting Transition towards Education Progression (STTEP): Scottish Wider Access Programme(SWAPWest)
  6. Capacity-building in sustainable tourism: Hasselt University – Transportation Research Institute (IMOB) – Centre for Travel & Tourism Research
  7. Experimental digilab - University of Jyväskylä
  8. Marketable skills/foreign languages: Government of Catalonia
  9. Prevention of the development of Salafist attitudes among young people: State Institute of School Development, Stuttgart, Baden-Wuerttemberg

Here is the programme of the workshop

Thursday 8 December

17h00 Cocktail reception
           Testimonials from 2015 Project Development Workshop participants
           Networking session

Friday 9 December

9h00    Registrations
9h30    Welcome words and introductory presentations
            Meritxel Ruiz i Istern, Minister of Education, Government of Catalonia
            Erik Ballhausen, EACEA, European Commission
            Marc De Vlieger, EPOS National agency Flanders
10h45  Coffee Break
11h00  Project development round table
13h00  Lunch break
13h45 Tips and tricks for your project applications

Here you can read the testimony of a former succesfull project leader!

You can follow the Live Stream of the 9 December morning panel discussion and participate on Twitter using the hashtag #PDW16! and through webstream!

Twitter: #PDW16                    URL to live webstream (through the LLLP channel):

Important notes:

Participation is restricted to selected partners.

To warm up, please join us on 8 December in one of the sessions of the European Vocational Skills Week 2016 and for the evening networking cocktail with the other participants of the project development workshop. 

This event is a co-organisation of Baden-WürttembergEARLALLLifelong Learning Platform, the Liaison Agency Flanders-Europe (vleva)Île-de-France Europe and the West-Finland European Office. It takes place at Vleva, Avenue de Cortenbergh 71, 1000 Brussels.

“Skills are a pathway to employability and prosperity. With the right skills, people are equipped for good-quality jobs and can fulfil their potential as confident, active citizens. In a fast-changing global economy, skills will to a great extent determine competitiveness and the capacity to drive innovation. They are a pull factor for investment and a catalyst in the virtuous circle of job creation and growth. They are key to social cohesion.”

The European Vocational Skills Week

05/12/2016 00:00:00 - 09/12/2016 20:00:00

This first European Vocational Skills Week will take place from 5 to 9 December 2016 with events in Brussels and parallel activities in Member States, EFTA and EU candidate countries at national, regional and local levels. Its aim is to improve the attractiveness and image of vocational education and training by showcasing excellence and quality and raise awareness of the wide range of opportunities.

Before and during the main week (5-9 December), activities and events to showcase excellence in vocational education and training will be rolled out across Europe. During the main week, a series of events/activities will also take place in Brussels (press conference, conference, workshops and closing event with award-giving). The week is underpinned by a sustained communication campaign.

Overview of events/activities

Agenda Adult Skills Conference 

Agenda European Business Forum on Vocational Training 

How can you join?

The Commission invites all stakeholders: learners, parents, companies, business organisations, social partners, education and training providers, adult learning organisations, chambers and other professional organisations, researchers, career counsellors, public authorities, and society at large to get involved. You can register an activity here.

How to follow the Week?

In case you can’t make it to the events in Brussels, EARLALL has got you covered! EARLALL will participate, review activities and produce reports for you! Follow us on FacebookTwitter and on our website! Do you want us to reach out for you? Subscribe to EARLALL's newsletter (at the bottom of this page), for the recaps of all our activities and conferences. 

Besides, you can also visit EPALE on 6 and 7 December and you can watch live plenary sessions, as well as take part in written discussions with your peers from across Europe. Together with  the European Basic Skills Network, EPALE will also be at the Adult Skills Conference providing live coverage, session summaries and other exclusive content on EPALE.

What is EARLALL organising during the week?

Mobility in VET and Apprenticeships

EARLALL, together with FREREF, will participate in the workshop “Mobility in VET and Apprenticeships” following the European Business Forum on Vocational Training. We will present our join position paper “Regions in action to sustain and develop VET learner mobility”

Project Development Workshop

EARLALL, together with other partner organisations and regions, is organising a Project Devlopment Workshop, titled "In 2017, Skills willl be Key!". Find out more on the workshop and on project ideas.


10/10/2016 00:00:00 - 14/10/2016 00:00:00

The 14th European Week of Regions and Cities will focus on the challenges currently facing Europe's regions and cities. Building on the implementation cycle of EU cohesion policy programmes, the event will be aligned with the political priorities of the European Commission's and the European Committee of the Regions for 2016 and with the interests of the partner regions and cities.

Discussions are intended to support the implementation of the 2014-2020 ESIF programmes, demonstrate the results of EU investment, showcase examples of good practice, and encourage input for possible future improvements.

EARLALL will participate in 3 events: 

11 October 2016, 9.00 - 13.00

11A13 - How can cities and regions deliver the skills of the future? ONLINE REGISTRATION is mandatory.

Organisers: Smart Partnerships for New Skills (Principality of Asturias (ES), Ave Region (PT), Castile and León (ES), East of England (UK), Mid-Norway (NO), Nilufer Municipality (TR), Normandy (FR), Region Västra Götaland (SE), Warmia-Mazury (PL), West Norway (NO) & EARLALL)

Venue: Norway House

Speakers and chair(s): Ms. Ortiz Jugatx (Chair), Mr. Bozbey Mustafa , Mr. Cunha Paulo , Ms. Dahl Furunes Ingrid , Mr. Jimenez Sierra Jose , Mr. Larsson Joakim , Dr. Ludvigsen Stian S , Mrs. Pedrotti Alice , Mr. Rozłucki Konrad , Mr. Thomson Andrew 

Providing Europeans with the right skills, fostering talent, releasing potential and preparing them for the job markets of the future is at the heart of Europe’s 2020 Strategy. This workshop will showcase best practice from across Europe’s regions on how local and regional authorities are improving the skills and employability of EU citizens. It will explore in particular how to match future demand for specialised skills with innovative provision of education and training, develop new and innovative skill-sets to improve the competitiveness of the local workforce and consider how entrepreneurial ‘start-up skills’ can be embedded throughout education systems. 

11 October 2016, 14.30 - 17.30

11B29 - The Skills Guarantee in your region ONLINE REGISTRATION is mandatory.

Organisers: European Commission - DG EMPL

Venue: European Commission, Centre Borschette, Room 2C 

Speakers and chair(s): Mrs. Bachmann Dana , Mrs. Sagardui Goikoetxea Miren Gotzone , Mrs. Schauwers Myriam 

A large share of the adult population is at risk of exclusion because they lack the basic literacy, numeracy and digital skills necessary for living and working in today’s society. The Commission has proposed the introduction of a Skills Guarantee to give every low-qualified adult a skills assessment, tailored courses to raise their skills to a minimum level and then acquire an upper secondary qualification or equivalent, and validation of the skills they have acquired. The aim of the workshop is to discuss how cities and regions can implement such a guarantee through a partnership approach looking at such issues as finance, outreach, guidance and support. 

12 October 2016, 9.00 - 13.00

Side Event: Regional and local measures to develop the potential of refugees PLEASE REGISTER to attend

Organisers: Earlall, Region Västra Götaland, Baden-Württemberg, City of Göthenburg, Lifelong Learning Platform.

Venue: Delegation of the Basque Country to the EU 

Speaers and chair(s): Mr Michel Lefranc (moderator), Ms Andrea Bernert-Bürkle, MEP Mr Brando Benifei, Mr Fredrik Adolfsson, Mr Jan Elftorp, Mr. Johannes Jung, Mr Gari Pavkovic, Mr Laurent Aujean, Mr Adnan Abdul, Mr Dick Eriksson, Ms Sylvia de Groot Heupner, Mr David Lopez, Ms Brenosa Saez de Ibarra, Ms Irene Armbruster, Dr. Franziska Diller.

Regional and local authorities have the urgent need to find new and sustainable approaches to integration. Thus, they are increasing their cooperation and ensuring synergies between educational, social and employment policies, with a strong support of refugees themselves and civil society.

The Erasmus+ project TALENTS is an example of cooperation and exchange of best practices. Moreover, it aims at up-scaling and implementing “pilot” projects in the participating regions.

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