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We increase and highlight the role of regions and local authorities in planning and implementing lifelong learning policies.

We influence EU policies for lifelong learning and pursue an active dialogue with the European institutions.

We facilitate cooperation and joint work through EU funded projects.

We monitor and disseminate information on EU policies, programmes, and funding opportunities. 

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Check out this extract from the European Vocational Skills week 2017. The video features Jorge Arévalo Turrillas, Regional Deputy Minister for Vocational Training at the Basque Government delivering a talk on the role of Vocational Education and Training to support individuals and companies to address the challenges and opportunities offered by rapid technological, economic and social change.


Smart Specialisation Strategies for a Regional Success: S3 Peer-Learning Workshop

Regional representatives from the Basque Country, Västra Götaland and Lithuania met in Brussels last Thursday to exchange regional best practices related to VET (vocational education and training) and adult education’s role in smart specialisation (S3) strategies. The Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (EDP) and the Centres of Vocational Excellence initiative were transversal concepts that were discussed during the session.

Hordaland's Year at a Glance

Hordaland County Council has published its international newsletter 2018, featuring the region's projects and initiatives, including education and social policies.

Asturias Wins the Entrepreneurial Region Award 2019

The region has won this prize given by the CoR because of its "impressive set of specific actions that address business creation and growth, increasing SME access to finance and promoting entrepreneurship education."

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