07/04/2017 11:24:06 Position of EARLALL with regard to the future European Innovation Council (EIC)

EARLALL fully supports the establishment of a European Innovation Council (EIC) to strengthen innovation through the creation and consolidation of a new, high-added-value and knowledge-intensive business ecosystem, with the aim of generating highly skilled jobs and significant improvements in innovation activities that may serve as a motor for the economy in the coming years. 

EARLALL highlights in the position paper the need to link the European Innovacion Council with: 

 Education and training

 Vocational training centres

 Entrepreneurship and SMEs

 Social Innovation

Download the position here

More info: https://ec.europa.eu/research/eic/index.cfm 

The European Innovation Council

EIC High Level Group of Innovators

The Commission has created a fifteen-member High Level Group (HLG) of Innovators that will help shape the design of a European Innovation Council.

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The HLG brings together leading personalities from across Europe with a wide range of expertise in business innovation, including entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors and other major players in the innovation ecosystem.

The HLG has been set up to provide a user perspective on potential reforms to Horizon 2020 to help improve Europe's performance in breakthrough, market-creating innovation. This Group will also provide recommendations for a full European Innovation Council under the next Framework Programme. It held its first meeting on 10 March 2017.

Europe's Winners of Tomorrow 

In November, the Commission announced that it intends to provide bottom-up support targeting breakthrough innovation projects with the potential for scaling up. This is to be a part of the Horizon 2020 work programme 2018-2020: 'To improve innovation support, the Commission intends to make changes for the remaining period of Horizon 2020 to provide bottom-up support targeting breakthrough innovation projects that cut across sectors/technologies with the potential for scaling up, and will consider reinforcing this approach in future through a European Innovation Council' (Europe's Winners of Tomorrow: the Start-up and Scale-up initiative, COM 733, 22 November 2016).

Further steps will be taken to simplify innovators' access to the programme and to help start-ups and scale-ups connect with investors, business partners, universities and research centres. An EIC should enrich the European innovation landscape, complementing other Commission initiatives to stimulate greater availability of risk capital. The setting up of a pan-European venture capital Fund of Funds is an important step in this direction.