11/05/2017 15:54:38 Practice into Policy! Entrepreneurial Learning

Practice into Policy: Entrepreneurial Learning! #PiPEnt

A spotlight on entrepreneurial learning projects supported by EU funding

From active citizenship to life skills, from social innovation to start-up…  #PiPEnt is about showcasing the diversity of entrepreneurial learning  from projects from across Europe – finding out what EU projects have achieved and what they learned in the process.

Through this initiative, we want to show the value and learning from these projects, disseminate the good work happening across Europe and make sure further projects can learn from what has gone before.

#PiPEnt is happening in three phases

Join2017 Call for Innovative Projects  (March-April 2017) resulted in projects summaries from 32 EU funded projects (activity, results, anticipated impact) shared from organisations across Europe. See a very first look at the project summaries below:
PiPEnt 2017 Project Summaries

MeetPractice into Policy Live! Entrepreneurial Learning event
On 11 May 2017, we brought together practitioners and policy makers to hear more about some of the practices shared through the call for innovative projects
PiPEnt 2017 Agenda
PiPEnt 2017 Participant List
PiPEnt – EARLALL Case Study – Trento Innovation Hub
PiPEnt 2017 Project Summaries

We have also captured the day on Storify, read about it here.

The projects that presented on the day were
1 – Competendo
2 – i-Linc
3 – EntreAssess
4 – Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in 9 Flemish Cities
5 – Ecosystem App
7 – YouthStart
8 – StudentStartUp

OnlinePractice into Policy Online: Entrepreneurial Learning (launch September 2017) 
All projects submitted are being reviewed and will be collated into an online library of practice, identifying the crucial learning for both future project and policy development. This will be promoted to a European audience including fellow practitioners and policy makers at all levels.

What is entrepreneurship education? 
In a nutshell? Entrepreneurship education is about learning by doing.  PiPEnt is not just about business start-up – but any type of ideas into action learning process, different ways of creating value for others.  This could be about anything from citizenship to agriculture, from social innovation to community actions, from mini-companies to creative ways of developing literacy.
As a guide, we work with the EntreComp framework definition of entrepreneurship as ‘a transversal key competence across all spheres of life’ –  being entrepreneurial is about ‘when you act upon opportunities and ideas and transform them into value for others… financial, cultural, or social’.


Organising partners are crucial to lead and coordinate:
Bantani Education asbl – Bantani Education is a non-profit based in Belgium, working collaboratively to drive entrepreneurial and creative learning.
EARLALL – The European Association of Regional and Local Authorities for Lifelong Learning is an international non-profit association registered in Belgium and involved in designing and implementing strategies on Lifelong Learning.
Lifelong Learning Platform – The Lifelong Learning Platform is an umbrella for 40 European organisations active in the field of education, training and youth. Their members reach out to several million beneficiaries.
Vleva – Vleva is the Liaison agency between Flanders and Europe. It opens up European policy to Flemish governments and civil society to share and promote best practices.
University of Wales Trinity Saint David – UWTSD is widely recognised as one of the world’s foremost institutions in creativity-based entrepreneurship education through its International Institute for Creative Entrepreneurial Development.

European experts are reviewing all project summaries submitted. Many thanks to:
Margherita Bacigalupo – European Commission Joint Research Centre
Ivan Diego – Valnalón
Kristien van den Eynde – European Training Foundation
Rósa Gunnesdottir – InnoEnt
Martin Lackeus – MeAnalytics AB
Elin McCallum – Bantani Education asbl
Kristín Harðardóttir – University of Iceland 
Aase Højlund Nielsen – SOS Network
Andy Penaluna – University of Wales Trinity Saint David
Kath Penaluna – University of Wales Trinity Saint David
Tryggvi Thayer – University of Iceland 
Caroline Usei – University of Wales Trinity Saint David
Rafa Balparda – Colegio San José de Calasanz
Karen Vandersickel – Vleva
Rebecca Weicht – Bantani Education asbl