16/09/2015 09:00:00 Mobility seminar: Developing Mobility Projects - Creating Networks

Earlall Mobility Seminar:

"Developing Mobility Projects – Creating Networks"

The demands placed on globalized markets accelerate technological and scientific developments and also change the traditional concept of vocational education to an extent not known up to now. This calls for a high degree of flexibility and a willingness to engage in lifelong learning. We want to achieve this by our network supporting mobility. Our aim is to establish mobilityas an integral part of education and/or vocational education.

One of the key challenges in implementing high-quality mobility projects is to find and build sustainable network partnerships.

Therefore we established a mobility-seminar: "Developing Mobility Projects – Creating Networks" in the VET-states-academy in Esslingen, Baden-Württemberg.

The coordinator of the EARLALL Mobility Working Group, Mr. Rolf Ackermann, from the Ministry of Education in Baden-Württemberg, designed together with the team of the states-academy Ms Christiane Spies and Ms Brigitte Hertlein-Puchta, Mr Uwe Peleikis, Ms Andrea Bernert-Bürkle and Ms Jugatx Ortiz a seminar which took place on 16 - 18 September 2015.

The director of the states-academy, Ms Elisabeth Moser, welcomed 40 Mobility-experts from Baden-Württemberg, Jämtland, Catalunya, Basque Country, Umbria and Northern Ireland. 

Participants are key players at an operational level, they are involved in the planning and implementation of mobility projects and wish to expand their transnational networks: trainers at VET-schools and colleges, trainers in companies and teachers in charge of the topic of mobility in their institution or company.

The specific aim of this seminar was to initiate Erasmus+ applications for 2016 on the relevant topics of VET Mobility under the individual lead of the participants of the different EARLALL regions.

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