European Vocational Skills Week 2017

09:00 - 16:00

Do come and join the European Commission's Second European Vocational Skills Week on 20-24 November 2017!

The Week will build on the considerable success of last year's Week, by focussing again on a clear message that excellent vocational education and training (VET) can be a path to an equally good career to that available through traditional education routes. This message will be showcased through a number of meetings in Brussels on 22-24 November and all sorts of events/activities across Europe that we will associate with the Week from September to December 2017. The meetings in Brussels will include a VET Day (22/11), an enterprise-education summit to mark the completion of the European Pact for Youth (23/11), and a colourful closing event including an award ceremony (24/11). On 20 and 21 November, we envisage opening events at national level, and a national level "Employers Day" respectively.

The webpage ( will include an electronic registration system for national, regional or local events/activities that we can showcase (once quality-controlled) on a map. This will give you visibility and you are at liberty to use the visual identity for the European Vocational Skills Week. Another main activity will be a focussed communication campaign across Europe, including production of videos and brochures, and significant on-line social and traditional media promotion. The campaign can help you with your own awareness-raising.

The European Commission recognises that they need to do more to reach out to regional and local stakeholders especially, since we take all VET opportunities seriously. Do get involved:

- The Commision puts your names on our Week contacts list, and every time you receive an email from them, you act on it and/or pass it on to your relevant correspondents

- You organise your own VET events to take place between September and December 2017, and apply to register them on our electronic map

- You join a Week-associated event near you

- You use social media to spread the message.