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We increase and highlight the role of regions and local authorities in planning and implementing lifelong learning policies.

We influence EU policies for lifelong learning and pursues an active dialogue with EU institutions.

We facilitate cooperation and joint work through EU funded projects.

We monitor and disseminate information on EU policies, programmes, and funding. 

 Our Projects

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Check out this extract from the European Vocational Skills week 2017. The video features Jorge Arévalo Turrillas, Regional Deputy Minister for Vocational Training at the Basque Government delivering a talk on the role of Vocational Education and Training to support individuals and companies to address the challenges and opportunities offered by rapid technological, economic and social change.


"Technology is here to support us, but we are the ones to create": International Encounters for Vocational Training, organised by the Basque Country

Representatives from 47 countries took part in a VET congress to analyse the changes that will come with the development of the Industry 4.0. More than 1000 experts from different fields (including teachers and headmasters) discussed the adaptation to this new industry, including in-demand jobs and new training methodologies.

"VET in Urban Centres" 2nd Partner Meeting

On May 22-24, 2018, all partners involved in this Erasmus+ KA2 project gathered in Kranj (Slovenia) to share their last developments in the context of this initiative, and to collect best practices featuring the interaction of VET schools, urban planning authorities and the private sector in the Gorenjska region.

BRIDGE+ Kick-off Meeting in Stuttgart

On April 24-25, 2018, project partners involved in this policy innovation initiative met in Stuttgart to exchange their first views and impressions about the project and to set the track for its development.

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